What is an Abaya? How do I wear it?

Let's make a start with; what is an Abaya!?

An Abaya traditionally is a loosely fitting dress or garment worn by Muslim women. In Islam Women (and Men!) are told to dress modestly and therefore adorn loosely fitting clothing to achieve this.

As the world of Modest Fashion has evolved, Abayas have become much more prevalent. With thousands of beautiful designs to choose from, they have become a real Fashion Appeal. The Abaya is no longer just for Muslim women but has seen it's popularity grow internationally, beyond Religion and Tradition.

You can find a huge range of Abayas at Aaliya Collections.

Now how do I wear an Abaya!?

    So many options.. Classically you will find open abayas and closed abayas. With the two options you have so many available ways to wear them. Let's start with the Open Abaya.

    Open Abaya

    These can be thrown on over a dress, to complete a look or you could use it to complement your modest outfit (to layer and "halalify"!). Available in so many different colours and designs you can surely find one to suit your needs!

    Our stunning Embellished Jacket is a perfect example of an Open Abaya that can be worn as an accompaniment or on it's own. A beautiful modest wear abaya.

    Blue embellished jacket

    Closed Abaya

     A closed Abaya is usually styled on it's own or can be accompanied with a Jacket over it. Our beautiful closed amal abaya is a perfect example of a closed abaya. Luxurious, can be worn on it's own or you can wear be worn with an abaya to accompany and complete your modest outfit.

    closed cream amal abaya




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    • Zahra S.


      Abayas really have skyrocketed over the last few years, although I only recently started wearing one.

      They make life much easier, you can pop it over anything and you look beautiful and modest all at the same time!

      Love your collections and your service is excellent by the way, I ordered the ‘black embellished jacket’ as soon as it was eleased and I LOVE IT.

      May Allah grant you guys infinite success. Ameen

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