The Essential Abaya Fabric Guide

Here it is, the most comprehensive guide to Abaya Fabrics! It's essential to make sure you are able to make the right choice when picking your Abaya so we have compiled the most informative guide just for you.
Now the most common fabrics you will find are:
  • Nidha
  • Crepe
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Chiffon
  • Georgette
  • Cotton
  • Jersey

The primary factor when choosing an Abaya has to be the fabric, as this can make all the difference between a piece that will feel comfortable and wow, over an Abaya that would be uncomfortable for the weather. So to make the decision, understanding what Fabric the Abaya is can help you to make the best choice.

Let's start with the most common fabric used for Dubai Abayas

1. Nidha -

This luxurious, elegant and soft fabric is actually 100% polyester which means it is perfect for hot weather. It makes for high quality Abayas that are also comfortable to wear. There are variations in Nida however we only stock the finest quality Nidha fabric abayas.

Black Pearl Lace Abaya

2. Linen -

Linen fabrics fibres comes from the Flax plant, the outcome of using this fabric is that it's stronger than cotton by two or three times. This makes for an excellent quality Abaya. Furthermore due to it's nature it has very good heat conducting purposes which makes it perfect for Abayas in the summer, the Charoal Linen Abaya is a perfect summer purchase.

Aaliya Collections Charcoal Linen Abaya

3. Chiffon -

A very beautifully elegant, lightweight, soft fabric that can be transparent if used to make a garment without a lining. Chiffon is most commonly made of Polyester. It can be used for making beautiful gowns like our Eniyah Maxi Dress, as it is synonymous for it's flowy nature. We also have a beautiful selection of Chiffon Hijabs.

Aaliya Collections Eniyah Maxi Dress


4. Pure Crepe -

A very fine quality, fabric which has a twisted weave, this gives a slight textured appearance. This material is excellent as it doesn't crease as easily as others. It is a lovely fabric that can be used for Jackets like our beautiful Embellished Jackets. Crepe Garments are quite flattering and are great for the more slim fit designs, without compromising on your modest wear needs you can take advantage of this great fabric.

5. Jersey -

This material is a stretchy, single knit fabric which can curl at edges when put under pressure. It's so versatile it's used for tops, dresses, skirts and more importantly so, excellent for slim fit Abayas.

6. Satin -

This is actually a luxury type of weave unlike Silk which is a raw material produced by silk worms. Satin is known more to be a luxury fabric that is used for high quality evening gowns.

7. Georgette -

A beautiful fabric with similar qualities to chiffon however a little more dense and opaque in nature. It is very strong and is used for asian wear such as sarees. But can make for beautiful light Abayas.

8. Silk -

A beautiful material, which is produced from silkworms. This luxurious material which is revered for it's high quality can be used for luxury abayas.

9. Cotton -

A natural occuring fabric which has several advantages when used in making garments. It's great for insulating and proves to be very comfortable. It's the perfect choice for Hijabs which is why our Cotton Hijabs are such a popular purchase.

Brown Cotton Hijab Mauve Cotton Hijab


Ok, so now we have bombarded you with all this information. You don't need to remember it all! Just try your best to utilise what you remember to help you choose your next piece of Modest Wear.

Next up a couple questions that we get asked!

What is the best Abaya fabric?

There is no exact answer to this question as it depends upon your needs! If you are looking for an Occasional Abaya for example, you would be best positioned to choose an Abaya that has that luxury factor, so Nidha or a High Quality Chiffon or Crepe. Like our beautiful Occasion Abayas which are all from very high quality materials.

If for example you were seeking an Abaya that you could use for day to day activities, our Everyday Abayas are perfect for all your tasks and are made from beautiful Nida.

How should I choose the best Fabric for my Abaya?

First ask yourself, what is the Abaya for? Is it for a Wedding? Special Event? Maybe you need it for Hajj or Umrah? Do you have children are you breastfeeding - so is nursing friendly a requirement?

So work out what you will be doing when wearing the Abaya as that will make your choice much easier! - You can then follow our guide to pick the best fabric to suit your requirements.





  • Fatima Ahmad

    I’m currently engaged in the fabrics trade sector. So this website is quite useful for the knowledge foundation of fabrics. Higly appreciative

  • Tauha Habib

    For abaya, chiffon hijab with a nidha fabric gown can do a good job. Thank you for presenting a good detail. It has help me a lot in choosing best fabric for my abaya, use this bookmark for future use.

  • Fathmath Lamha

    Can you help me to find best fabric for a casual dress , which is comfort and nursing friendly.

  • Elizabeth.Hebe

    The secret of success is to work harder than others every day

  • Muthu

    I wanna know the fabric on which I look gorgeous ,hv comfort and is nursing friendly.

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