How to wear an Abaya? Top 10 Abaya style tips


If an Abaya is a staple part of your beautiful modest closet or you just like to enjoy wearing one once in a while you should definitely try and follow our Top 10 Abaya Style Tips that will give you the most fashionable yet modest looks!

All the way from how you choose the right sizing to picking the most comfortable or flattering materials, we've got the best tips to make sure you have the perfect look!

Tip #1 The Perfect Length

Remember that Abayas are measured in Length, hence the sizing options are not the standard S, M & L so save yourself from having your abaya draping under your feet! It is never a good look to have the Abaya running too low along the floor or even when the Abaya lies too high!

The best way to make sure you have the best look is to try and get the abaya to sit around the ankles - aim to do this by measuring from the shoulder down to the ankle, a little below this is completely fine.

Now should you measure with Flats or heels?

Go for BOTH, that way you know exactly what look suits you best and which size would be suitable for that dressed up look with heels. And the size that would go best for your Everyday Abayas in your flat shoes.

Tip #2 Flattering Fit

To get this right you need to choose something that flows rather than sticks! Why go for a Slim Fit that may stick to you when you can go for a Regular Fit Abaya that can be tied at the waist to keep the outfit modest, yet stylish at the same time!

It's always a good idea to make sure you measure up first, compare it to your other dresses and abayas so you can achieve the perfect option that is just right for you.

Tip #3 The Right Sleeves

This is a major decider no matter how perfect you get the length and the fit, getting the sleeves right is like the icing on the cake! If you go for a specially designed sleeved Abaya like our White Bell Sleeves Abaya you are not going to require the same fitting guidelines but as a main rule of thumb the Abaya or eve Dress for that matter should end around the wrist area.

For an Everyday or Plain Abaya definitely go by our standardised length this way it won't be adverse to your day to day tasks!

Tip #4 Material

This can be a huge factor, especially when you are choosing whether to go for a look that flatters your shape. Going for stiff materials that roll off and create wider shoulders will definitely not be the right choice (Thank Goodness 70's disco style hasn't hit the Abaya world!... yet!)

Choose materials that don't just look good but feel comfortable also, this will make for that Islamic Clothing friendly outfit you love wear.

Tip #5 Layer it on

Going for a Layered look? Then choose an undergarment that doesn't ruin your stylish Abaya. What you choose can dictate how the final garment looks as you don't want to look like you have stuffed in too many layers!

Going for a simple and light closed abaya with a classy open abaya on top is a perfect way to achieve a beautiful look and a great way to have enough layers.

Aaliya Collections Nude Amara Maxi Dress Paired with Mauve open abaya

Tip #6 Weather

Now you can't dictate the weather but you can have the Perfect outfit for the weather you are faced with! You should choose the best material to suit the requirements the weather gives you. Keep yourself looking stylish without the need to overheat in the searing Sun, by going for a nice lightweight option. In the Cold you can always choose an Abaya that is thicker and suits your functionality needs.

Tip #7 Originality

Plain Black Abayas never go out of Fashion and always look good! When you don't know whether you are going to an event, doing daily errands or spending the day with friends. Black is deceptively slimming, so if you want to look like you have taken inches off your waistline without the horrid dieting then this is the one for you. Choose your go-to plain black abaya and you will never be disappointed.

Tip #8 All About The Details

The finer details can make all the difference in your chosen outfit. Choosing a design with beautiful hand crafted work like our Embellished Jackets can make all the difference! Always look out for those finer little details - no matter how small that can add that extra bit of glitz and glamour to your modest outfit.

If you like you could also go for a classy little black number adorned with beautiful sparkling embellishments that wow like the Eniyah Maxi Dress it's the little details that can make all the difference.So make sure you don't overlook those small significant details.

Tip #9 Steam Finish

No one wants a wrinkled Dress or Abaya, so make sure to keep your garments looking like new by steaming. It can make an old Abaya look like new and can really make an outfit standout for that flawless finish.

Make sure to not go too hot, else you may ruin the garment. A little goes a long way! Keeping the Abaya hung on a good hanger and kept in good conditions will increase the lifetime of your garment also. That way you only need to do a quick touch up before you go out, so you look perfect in your modest wear.

Tip #10 Occasion Or Daily Wear

Choosing whether or not to go all out with your stunning Occasion Abaya or with a classic black abaya can be a tough one. The best way is to ask, if your friends/family are going all out why not match them and take a stunning piece that is set to wow. 

Standard day to day wear looks great when layered properly, however one piece luxury designs should be kept aside for those all out special occasions that need a beautiful piece.

Bonus Tip

Don't be afraid to do you! Wear what makes you happy and fits in with your islamic clothing needs. It's easy to get carried away with who is wearing what but in the end if it makes you happy - That is overall what counts.

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